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    http://www./ dit :

    Sorry just cant see Sheriff Joe siding with Obama..especially after Obama turned the justice dept hounds on him over imigration. I think he would love to see Obama put behind bars especially if he is the illegal that we all think he is.

  2. dit :

    That is a good one Hannah! I read a lot about the AIDS epidemic in Africa – if you have never seen the Band Played On it is a real eye opener…. I watched it for the first time over the winter and was shocked at the statistics, even those in the states that were infected before they started making blood testing mandatory.

  3. kredit ohne auskunft arbeitslos ytitty
    kredit ohne auskunft arbeitslos ytitty dit :

    Terri, I total agreed with you. Some of the kedai kopi are so dirty even the food is good, you do think twice. This people are dirty in their own home. I remembered when the food handlers need to renew their license, they need to do a stool test for parasite. Almost 100 percent had +++parasite in their stool.they pass it to us! Will try one day. I sometimes wonder how the consumers rate the restaurants . Some food critic do not even know the cut of the meat or cook, yet can review the foods. They should called you sifu .


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